Karolinka and other polish folk dance groups in London celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Federation of Polish Folklore Groups in Great Britain (FPZF)

poskpostercutOn 11th and 12th October, you can enjoy performances by a number of the 13 groups   currently part of the FPZF at POSK. For more details on the concert, see www.polishfolkloregroups.co.uk and for details of what Karolinka groups will be performing, when and what dances will be shown go to the performances section on our website.




Karolinka at Opera Halka!

To watch the dances click here.
On 4th and 5th October some of Karolinka members performed at POSK as dancers of the Opera Halka. The crew also included internationally renowned opera singers (Monika Swiostek, Rafal Bartminski, Marcin Janusz, Piotr Lempa, Marcin Gesla, Violetta Gawara), members from other polish folk dance groups (Orleta, Zywiec, Tatry, Wiwat), Coro dell Angelo choir, and the Orchestra of POSK conducted by Stephen Ellery. The experience was unforgettable and we really hope that we can do this again soon!

Join us at the annual BBQ!

Come and join us at the annual Karolinka BBQ at the Polish Community Centre on Oliver Grover on Sunday, 29th June from 3pm - support our talented youngsters and enjoy BBQ food, home made cakes, tea, coffee and our company.

Karolinka in Dziennik Polski

It's an honour to have Jola lead us, and we hugely appreciate the positive article in Dziennik Polski - we promise to keep up the tradition.

New members welcome!

We would love to welcome anyone to our 'Karolinka' family. Please feel free to come along to any of the rehearsals and join in or just watch if you prefer. For more details, see 'Performances' section.